5 Low-Maintenance (And Beautiful) Houseplants

Houseplants Rehabilitation Therapy Planting House PlantsNo matter how expensive modern decorations are, there is nothing to compare them to superb houseplants. Luckily, everyone can enjoy their beauty, because there are many low maintenance plants suitable even for very busy people who cannot care for them too often.

  1. Sansevieria суlіndrіса

Sansevieria суlіndrіса is a succulent plant, similar with Alое Vеrа. Original from West Africa, this plant is used with dry environments, with few precipitations. That`s precisely what makes it easy to have in your home. It is also an attractive plant, with vertical rigid leaves that can grow up to a height of 90 cm.

  1. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is one of the most appreciated houseplants. It produces many small flowers in enchanting colors (pink, orange or violet), which will enhance any indoor decor. It is a juicy, fleshy plant with shiny leaves, extremely flowery.

  1. Sсhlumbеrgеrа truncated

Sсhlumbеrgеrа truncated is a cactus that blooms in December, with intense pink or red flowers. This plant is happy when it is ignored. It grows well in low light but it will bloom abundantly in bright light.

  1. Impatiens

Impatiens is a plant that blooms in a variety of colors, from white, pink, red, purple and orange to different combinations of them. It loves light and moisture, but it is one of the most resistant houseplants.

  1. Epipremnum

Epipremnum is a perennial climbing plant, which can grow up to 3 meters in height. It is commonly used in interior decoration projects, in bright physical rehabilitation centers, offices or public spaces, because it looks beautiful and it is also very resistant, having low maintenance requirements