5 Easy Ways to Enjoy Audio & E-Books

senior in rehabilitation centers reading e-book waiting physical trainingIn order to fully enjoy your audio & e-books, you need a quality reader.

An e-book reader is an electronic mobile device that can be used to read books or any other type of document in digital format, but with a multitude of other functions, such as playing audio files, sometimes even video, the possibility of downloading applications from the Internet etc.  Audio files are great to listen to while waiting at the physical rehabilitation centers in Amarillo, and other doctor appointments.

An eBook Reader is an ecological and easy to use alternative to regular books. Using E-Ink technology, the device mimics the appearance of plain paper ink. According to ophthalmologists, thanks to this technology, e-book readers are even healthier than tablets, phones or computers with LCD display.

The font can be enlarged or reduced according to the needs of each user, and the screen has low resolution but high contrast, which ensures low energy consumption most of the time. Reflections – as in the case of LCD screens – are eliminated.

Another advantage that differentiates an eBook Reader from a tablet, smartphone or computer is the long autonomy of operation. The battery life can reach two months (in case of Wi-Fi deactivation). Also, its small size (6-7 inches) low weight (160-450 g), wide range of supported formats, as well as the large storage capacity transform this gadget into a real mobile library.