10 Blogs By Seniors, For Seniors, That You Should Read!

Senior Living Reading BlogsSeniors lived most of their life in a world where the concept of social media was unheard and now they have to adapt to new communication methods to stay connected with other people. Luckily, once they get more familiar with technology, they start to enjoy it, so there is no wonder that we can see more and more seniors engaged in online activities.

Creative writing is an activity highly recommended in the case of seniors, because it contributes to better functioning of the brain, improves memory and self-expression.

With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, writing is now much easier than it used to be and many seniors start their own blogs. Some of them become quite successful and get international readers.

Many of the residents at https://erseniorliving.com/the-craig-retirement-home-amarillo-texas.aspx  enjoy their quiet time reading blogs, and reading articles that will bring joy to them, and a smile to their face.